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Some Very Basic Rules of Tournament Chess

Record The Moves.

By recording the moves you will be able to show if you won a game or not. This helps when your opponent doesn’t want to admit defeat. You will need to learn how to write algebraic chess notation.   

Questions about the rules!

If you have a question about a rule ask a tournament director (TD) to clarify any confusion you may have about the rules. If you and an opponent have a disagreement, stop the clocks, find a director. Ask the tournament director to make a ruling.

If you touch a piece you must move it.

This is the touch-move rule. If you touch the other player’s piece you must capture it. If you can’t make a legal move you will not have to capture their piece. Let’s say that you accidently touch a piece while moving your hand across the board. You will not have to move that piece.

Interfering with another game is forbidden.

You may not help or comment about a game during the tournament. If you do you may get tossed from the tournament.

Cell phones are forbidden.

Turn your cell phones off. If you don’t and it goes off during to tournament you may get penalized or worse. You could have to leave the tournament and lose all your games.

Know how to use a chess clock.

After every move you make you must hit the clock. If you don’t your time will eventually run out and your opponent will win the game because you run out of time.

Record your results.

If you win, lose or draw you must record your results.


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