How the Chess Pieces Move

King- The King can move one space at a time is any direction. The King cannot move into check.

Queen- The Queen can move vertically, horizontally, and diagonally just as many squares she wants. She cannot jump over any pieces. 

Bishop- The Bishop moves on diagonal lines only cannot move forward,back, left or right. The Bishop may move as many places as he like without  jumping over other pieces.

Knight- The knight moves in a  “L” shaped – two squares either forward, backward, left, or right and then left or right one square.  The knight can jump over other pieces.

Rook- The rook can’t move diagonally.  Just forward, backward, left, and right but as many spaces as desired without jumping other chess pieces

Pawn- The pawn is allowed to only move one square at a time. However, in their first move, they are allowed to  move two squares if they want.  They can only move straight forward. They are not allowed to retreat.  And they can only capture one of the enemy by approaching diagonally.  If they make it to the other side of the board they can be promoted to any piece they like except the king.


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